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Labour Compliance

1 Name/Address of P.E 01 Name ADRESS OF P.E.pdf Download view
2 Website Address 02 Website Adress.pdf Download view
3 Name of the address of the proprietor Director Name-of-the-adress-of-the-propriter-Director.pdf Download view
4 Registration No 04 Registration No_compressed.pdf Download view
5 Copy of power of attorney board resolution Copy-of-power-of-attorney-board-resolution.pdf Download view
6 Nature of work contract worker 6-Nature-of-work-contract-worker.pdf Download view
7 Registration certificate under contract labour (R & A) Act 1970 Registration-certificate-under-contract-labour.pdf Download view
8 Annual Return Form No. XXV 08 Annual Return Form No. XXV_compressed.pdf Download view
9 Form of Certificate by Principal Employer Form V Form-of-Certificate-by-Principal-Employer-Form.pdf Download view
10 Name of the place site where the contract workers Name-of-the-place-site.pdf Download view
11 Authority letter 11 Authority letter_compressed.pdf Download view
12 ESI 12 ESI_compressed.pdf Download view
13 Provident fund 13 Provident fund_compressed.pdf Download view
14 SALRY MAY 2019 14 SALRY MAY 2019_compressed.pdf Download view
15 SALARY JUN 2019 15 SALRY JUN2019_compressed.pdf Download view
16 SALARY JUL 2019 16 SALRY JUL2019_compressed.pdf Download view

Detail of Labour Compliance

Name & address of the 
Contractor establishment
Name & address of  the Prop./Partner/ Dir. of the establishment. Website Address Name & address of site  where contract labour  is to be employed.  Nature of work  of contract  Max. No. of workers  proposed to be  employed Period contract  From / To  Name & address of person incharge of site / Contract work Date of payment  of wages 
105,1st floor,garg plaza,local
shopping complex,sunder vihar
,behra enclave near nation
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